St. Joseph's School, Greater Noida


Gyan Sthali is an imposing centre of knowledge. With stylish ambience it is a motivating space for aspiring knowledge. The building is surrounded by beautiful garden and play ground. This learning centre consists of modern classrooms, laboratories.

Co-curricular activities

RThe school offers a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities aimed at developing the talents and creativity of the students. Physical and mental training, Athletics and games, Computer studies, literary activities and drawing are offered.

Game & Sports

Games and sports are crucially important for the development of the mind and body. We have the facility of indoor and out door games and sports. Basket ball court, Badminton court, Volley ball court foot ball and cricket grounds are the main features of our sports domain. The school has appointed special coaches for different sports activities. We prepare our students for various levels of achievements.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation have been essential ingredients of education since ages. At GPS we have exceptional professionals to teach and practice yoga and meditation to our Gyansthalians. Doing regular practice and exercise in the natural surroundings gives an additional benefit to our students.

Martial Art

At Gyan Sthali we have full time martial art trainer to provide the training of martial art to the young ones for their self defense in case of an emergency.

Scout & Guide

The Scout & Guide camps are organized in the school campus on regular basis in which children are engaged in various constructive works. Certificates and awards are given to the students on the basis of their performance.

Edu Smart Education

We have Smart Classes in our school. Through this system children can study the subject of their choice and they can perform various activities as well. The teacher led & self learning courses provide a vast knowledge to the children of different age groups.

Horse Riding

We also provide horse riding to our pupils. They can learn while having fun.