St. Joseph's School, Greater Noida


We believe:-

In meeting the development needs of our students. In providing a balanced educational programme. In facilitating a sense of community. In setting a challenging, yet achievable academic standard. In preparing young people to take their places in an ever changing world. In providing support that eases transitions to and from other school. Encourage a positive attitude towards education and lifelong learning. Provide meaningful educational experiences that enable students to acquire and apply knowledge, concepts and skills. Help each student realize his/ her academic, creative and physical potential. Present students with opportunities which develop their social and emotional awareness and build their self-estem. Reinforce ethical and moral value by emphasizing persona1responsibility. Provide a wide range of extracurricular activities. Offer quality educational resources and opportunities to promote the developments of students, faculty and staff. Take advantage of the opportunities for enrichment available within the host culture. Provide opportunities for students to understand, appreciate and develop sensitivity for other cultures. Encourage participation in community service and support of local and international charities. Promote a partnership with parents to meet the needs of students. Offer programmes that address issues associated with a highly mobile population.